Curriculum Vitae

Szilárd, LÁSZLÓ

Address: 1028 Budapest, Üvegház u. 3.b., Hungary

Land line: +36-1-376-9205

Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Kaposvár, Hungary on 15 July 1958.

After finishing the elementary school I got a qualification as a mechanic and engine fitter, and later, in 1978 I got a secondary level qualification as a car mechanic and passed my secondary school leaving exams.

I served in the army for one year starting from 1978.

Then I studied at the Technical University of Budapest from 1979 to 1984: I studied mathematics for one year and got a diploma as an engine constructor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

I got specialized in designing studio recorders in „Mechanikai Laboratórium” [Mechanical Laboratory] from 1984. Consecutively, I studied at the Faculty of Design Management in the University of Art and Design, where I got my second diploma in 1989.

I worked five months in Japan and launched our family business with my wife in 1993. Our activities cover car repair, design and implementation of car reconstructions and superstructures, design and construction of industrial machines, translation and interpretation to/from English, Chinese and Hungarian, technical consultancy, assistance and repair service at rallies, special rescue training, teaching Alpine technique to children and adults.

Ever since 1996 my company has mainly been specialized in metalworking, including in particular the design and manufacture of aluminium structures. I am one of the biggest manufacturers of aluminium sandladders all over the world. My products are supplied at order to all the continents.                                    See:

I was involved, as an organizer, examiner and judge, at the Camel Trophy qualifying rounds.

I led the Alpinists’ Club at the Technical University for 10 years from 1984.

I have been holding training courses in climbing techniques, completed with special courses for ambulance staff and firefighters for almost 3 decades now.

I participated in a number of expeditions, both in private and in a team, as an organizer or a driver (driving vans and 4WD’s) in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

I’ve been to Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Guine – Bissau, Gambia, Kenya, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Japan, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Tataristan, Alaska.

In the past 20 years I drove approx. 1 million km, exc. Europe.

Each year I take part at the Budapest-Bamako Rally, as a mentor and the motorbikers’ attendant.

I founded Disaster Rescue Group in 1995 and have been leading it since. This has, as the years went by, grown into the biggest voluntary rescue organization in Central Europe. The Group has over 200 members. Our activity is focused on special rescue, that is rescue from a depth, from a height, medical rescue, rescuing people and animals from areas hit by earthquake and other disasters, searching lost persons, ski rescue, flood rescue etc. (

I am an active member and the vice president of Budapest-Újbuda ÖTE Firefighting Service established in 2015.

I mainly publish articles and photos of my trips in the Hungarian press. I have been in charge of the Travels column of 4×4 Magazine since September 2009.

I regularly hold travelogs at geographical associations, travel clubs and sometimes abroad.

I have been an ordinary member in the Association of Hungarian Journalists for 10 years now, on account of my publications.

I lived and worked in England with my family in 2004-2005.

I have a wife and two daughters.

I speak intermediate level English.

Driving licences:

Car: categories A, B, C, E

Inland motor and sailing ship

Marine motor and sailing ship

Inland official motor and passenger transporting ship

Budapest, May 2010

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